We have always wanted Kingpin to be seen as a brand that prides itself around hard work, around perseverance, and always using every last bit of potential with everything we do, from when we started in 2018 to now. 


We never leave things unfinished, we want to get the most out of everything we do, whether it is the mockups, photoshoots and any other things we do, we want to make people look on the brand and say 'Look how far they've come' and we will only get bigger and better by keeping on our current track. 


Our motto 'Be Your Own' means a lot to the brand, we never want to portray ourselves as something or someone else, we want to be our own brand, this is also a personal message to everyone, never be something you're not, always strive to be the best person you can be and maximise your potential as your TRUE self. 

And that was where Kingpin Clothing was born.


  Jerome Minto-Crosdale 


Founder of Kingpin Clothing

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Est 2018. Streetwear by Kingpin Clothing. 

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